“Meu Nome é Coisa” (post-production)

Documentary, Brazil, (Post-Production) spoken in brazilian portuguese
MEU NOME É COISA is a film 
that approaches the bizarre 
world of real estate 
speculation that at a furious 
speed imprisons the human, 
taking as a starting point, 
making him a poster, a human 
billboard,very far from the 
dreams it advertises.

“In Search of Queer Utopias” (in production) co-direction with Nick Tyson, produced by Uniondocs, NY.

Documentary, United States, (in Production) spoken in English

Buried in a digital archive from 2020, a group of queer teenagers from Queens, NY, write a manifesto, imagining and demanding the transformation of their homes, schools and social environments. Their statements ignite images of past, present and future queer community.


“Verdade ou Consequência”, (2017) produced by Take it Easy Films for Rádio Televisão Portuguesa - RTP

Documentary, 2017, Portugal, 52’ spoken in portuguese and english

Voted word of the year in 2016, the post-truth is a swamp that feeds on fake news, fear exacerbation, lack of time to check facts, social indifference and absence of information literacy.
In a hyper consumption society, the power of algorithms is ever increasing. Technology is opaque. Manipulation is spreading from politics to private life.

“Paraíba”, produced by Busca Vida Filmes (development)

Web-series Documentary 10 episodes, 26’. Portugal and Brazil.

PARAÍBA is about women’s sexuality
from a unprecedented and fearless perspective.

Assistant Director “Mr.Babenco”, by Bárbara Paz,  produced by HB Filmes

Documentary, 2018, Brazil, 80’ , DCP, spoken in portuguese and english

A blend of two nationalities, a master of the moving image, Hector was in life a little of everything - from a tomb salesman to spaghetti western extra, from a photographer of steakhouses to an Oscar nominated movie director. Polemical, controversial, demanding and genial, he won in Locarno, competed in Cannes, shone in Hollywood and directed titans like Meryl Streep, Jack Nicholson and Willem Dafoe. He was a great filmmaker, he features in cinema reference books throughout the world, and is now the protagonist of the documentary Mr. Babenco. The film is a black and white poetic immersion in the filmmaker's recollections and dreams. Always in a lyrical, never journalistic tone, it closely follows his life and death. But as Hector had many lives, so also he had many deaths.

“Letters from War - making of”, produced by O Som e a Fúria for Rádio Televisão Portuguesa - RTP

Documentary, 2017, Portugal, 26’ spoken in portuguese

The producing and shooting process behind the film of Ivo M. Ferreira “Letters from War”. Based on António Lobo Antunes's novel, a collection of letters written by a young soldier, doctor and a aspirant writer, to his wife while he was serving in Angola between 1971 and 1973, during the Portuguese Colonial War, a war between Portugal with its former overseas provinces.

“Amazonia - making of”,  (2013) produced by Gullane Filmes

Documentary, 2013, Brazil, 28’ , spoken in Portuguese and French

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