Catarina de Sousa is a filmmaker, journalist and cinema and visual arts producer. Born in Póvoa de Varzim, she has been living between Lisbon and São Paulo since 2011. Has a Masters in Communication Sciences - Information and Journalism by the University of Minho, with training in the Documentary Workshops of the Ateliers Varan. As a journalist she was a correspondent for the Lusa Agency in Barcelona, presented and produced content at Barcelona Televisió and worked at Rádio Clube Português.

In 2011, within the scope of INOV-ART grant, she decided to take a risk and work in cinematographic production in Brazil, at the Gullane Films company. She began her activity, crossing her training and experience in journalism with cinema, directing the company’s movies making of’s. Experiences that have become an authentic school to understand the process of making movies.

As a documentary filmmaker, the background in journalism has been key to her own approach to filmmaking. She carried out projects of social and political nature in a Direct Cinema approach, as the documentary she initiated in the Ateliers Varan "Meu Nome é Coisa", focusing on impoverished people who make a living as human “billboards” in the streets of São Paulo; and in the 2017, the documentary film she co-authored on the topic of Post-Truth, titled “Verdade or Consequência” made for the Portuguese state television - RTP. 

She found a very special role to play, building her expertise in the link between the worlds of Portuguese and Brazilian cinema. For the past four years she has also become a rare link between film and visual arts, sensitive to the changes and exchanges that are taking place between the two arts - in addition to her continuing work in the film industry, she has produced museum film installations for portuguese artists working in cinema: Pedro Neves Marques and Mariana Silva, who live in New York, and Francisca Manuel in Lisbon, works that have taken place at Tate Modern - London, Gasworks - London, PAMM Pérez Art Museum - Miami, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation - Lisbon, Walk and Talk Arts Festival, Azores and ARQUIPÉLAGO - Center for Contemporary Arts, Azores.

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