“Becoming Male in the Middle Ages” (2022)

by Pedro Neves Marques

Fiction, 2022,  Super 16mm, Portugal, spoken in portuguese; World Premiere at IFFR 2022; Distribution and Sales: Portugal Films - Portuguese Film Agency

Mirene and André, and Carl and Vicente, are both couples in their mid-thirties. While Mirene and André struggle with their fertility, Vicente decides to undergo an experimental procedure, implanting an ovary in his body in the hopes of having a child with Carl. A love drama of speculative undertones, “Becoming Male in the Middle Ages” is an intimate tale about queer sexuality, bodily autonomy, reproductive desires, and the ghost of normativity.

“The Bite” (2019)

by Pedro Neves Marques

Fiction, 2019,  Super 16mm, Brazil, spoken in portuguese; World Premiera at TIFF 2019; Distribution and Sales: Portugal Films - Portuguese Film Agency

Between a house inside the Atlantic Forest and a mosquito factory genetically modified to combat the Zika virus near São Paulo, a polyamorous and non-binary relationship seeks to survive an epidemic that threat Brazil. While inside the factory thousands of mosquitoes are born daily - an army of mosquitoes is about to be distributed throughout the country - the tensions, relations of power between Helmut, Calixto and Tao worsen. But to survive, the virus will need love. “The Bite” is a fictional film, between a Cronenberguiano suspense, the science fiction and a queer romantic drama.

“The Valley of Doubts” (post-production)

by Francisca Manuel

Fiction, Portugal, spoken in portuguese (post-production)

A figure awakes in a Torpor’s state inside of a house, like a castaway. Aware of this Torpor also a melancholy sets in. The sensation of worthlessness in life and the pressure to be productive creates a feeling of guilt. The several attempts to counter this state are failed, until the arrival of the horse-dog.

“Art and Hurt (Toxic Image on the Street)” (2018)

by Pedro Neves Marques

Documentary, 2018, Portugal, 20’, DCP, spoken in portuguese and tupi

Lisbon is changing. While afro-descendants claim their right to the city there is also growing debate about the public monuments and symbols of Portugal’s colonial past. In the fall of 2017 a confrontation took place between a peaceful protest and neo-Nazi groups in front of a recently inaugurated statue in memory of the sixteenth century missionary priest António Vieira, depicted in a gesture of conversion with three indigenous children at his feet.

“Laureano Barros Rigoroso Refúgio”, (2017)
by Paulo Pinto for RTP - Portuguese Public tv

Documentary, 2017, Portugal, 54’ spoken in portuguese
A remarkable man who brought
together one of the most 
extraordinary Portuguese 
private libraries of the 
Twentieth century.

“Exterminator Seed” (2017)

by Pedro Neves Marques

Fiction, 2017, Portugal, Brazil, 26’, DCP, spoken in Brazilian Portuguese. Distribution and Sales: Portuguese Short Film Agency

An oil spill contaminates the Brazilian coast. Capivara, an offshore oil rig worker, is evacuated back to Rio de Janeiro, where the locals remain ignorant of the incoming disaster. Despite the danger, Capivara wishes only to return to the offshore oil fields.


Associate Producer of  “Exctasy” (2020)  by Moara Passoni, produced by Busca Vida Filmes

Documentary, 2020, Brazil, 75’ , DCP, spoken in portuguese

An elliptical portrait of a young girl experiencing both rapture and torture starving herself as a way to find a place in a brutal uncertain world.

Associate Producer of  “Olmo and The Seagull”, by Petra Costa and Lea Glob, produced by Busca Vida Filmes, O Som e a Fúria, Zentropa, Epicentre Films

Documentary, 2015, France, Brazil, Portugal, Denmark, 87’, DCP, spoken in French, Italian and English

OLMO AND THE SEAGULL is a journey through the labyrinth of an actress's mind during the course of her pregnancy. While rehearsing for Chekhov's play The Seagull, Olivia and her companion Serge sense that the line between their life and the roles they play as actors is swiftly disappearing.

Film promotion campaign about Abortion, “My Body, My Rules” by Petra Costa and Lea Glob


Producer of “Vampires in Space”
by Pedro Neves Marques a film installation of the Portugal’s Official Representation at the 59th edition of the Venice Biennale, which will take place between 23 April and 27 November 2022.

Producer of “A Mordida”
[The Bite] a film and sound installation comprising the films:

The Gender of the Lab
If the mosquito can kill, it cannot be born
Sex as Care 

by Pedro Neves Marques

2018. Double channel film installation, 20 min., super 16mm transferred to video, color, sound, 6 channel surround sound piece. Portuguese and English spoken.

“A Mordida” was commissioned by the Pérez Art Museum of Miami.

Producer of  the film installation
“Olho Zoomórfico / Camera Trap”

by Mariana Silva

“Olho Zoomórfico/Camera Trap” was commissioned by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

Producer of  the film installation
“Catherine or 1786”

by Francisca Manuel

“Catherine or 1786” was commissioned by Walk and Talk 2017 and ARQUIPÉLAGO – Centro de Artes Contemporâneas, Azores.

Producer of  “Learning to Live with the Enemy”

by Pedro Neves Marques
2017. 9 min. 30 sec., 4K transfered to HD video, color, sound.

Producer of YWY, a androide [YWY, the Android]

by Pedro Neves Marques

2017. 7 min. 40 sec., 4K transferred to HD video, color, sound. Portuguese with subtitles.

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